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Get Involved – Volunteer at ISI

ISI provides a unique opportunity for volunteers to take action to solve the problem of climate change and problems created by climate change. Our volunteers participate in research in ways that give them hope that real and significant differences can be made. Our approach is to research is different because:
  • We are not afraid to tackle problems that are considered impossible. Too often researchers are unnecessarily inhibited by cautious careerism and incremental thinking. Because of our willingness to consider unconventional solutions, we are able to be thought leaders. It is time for researchers to offer ambitious solutions to big problems.
  • We are committed to working collaboratively with other organizations. (Too often, nonprofit organizations fear to collaborate with other nonprofits that compete for the same donors and volunteers.)
  • Our wide-vision systems approach to research takes into account factors that are often overlooked, thereby fostering novel solutions that include (a) heightened awareness about dangers of unintended consequences, (b) cost-effectiveness by using under-utilized resources, (c) identification of high-leverage points that can be targeted for interventions, and (d) thinking outside the box.
By volunteering with the Integral Scientific Institute, you will have the opportunity to share your skills and experience to do good and feel good.

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