Tools of the Trade


Systems Thinking

We offer an introduction training to Systems Thinking and System Dynamics to help decision makers understand the implications of human activity and the relationships between interdependent systems. System archetypes are introduced to elucidate characteristics and typical behaviors of systems. These concepts are reinforced by using tools such as causal loop diagrams (CLD), stock and flow diagrams (SFD), and computer simulation models applied to business and environmental challenges.

Corporate Sustainability

Corporate sustainability is a concept that is becoming more relevant as the demand for natural resources exceeds their supply. Companies that have a heavy environmental footprint are increasingly expected to account for their performance while using resources more efficiently. Incorporating corporate sustainability into business makes good business sense and creates real business value. Corporate sustainability initiatives improve company reputation, enhance employee morale, and strengthen competitiveness.

ISI has developed an Environmental Footprint Calculator (EFC) tool. The EFC allows a company to determine its environmental footprint and take practical action to reduce its environmental impact.

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